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Frederick Lewis Maitland - Admiral

Admiral Sir Frederick Lewis Maitland was born at Rankeilour near Cupar. He was the son of a naval Captain and grandson of Charles Maitland, the sixth Earl of Lauderdale. Maitland began his naval career at the age of eight, as servant to his father who was, by that time, Captain of the Royal Yacht Princess Augusta. He was a Midshipman by the age of 16, Lieutenant by 18, Commander by 22 and Captain of his own ship by 24.

He served in the Mediterranean, supported General Sir Ralph Abercromby at Aboukir Bay, and also served in Canada, America and the West Indies. While in command of HMS Bellerophon, his ship intercepted Napoleon who was trying to escape by sea after his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. He took Napoleon's surrender and Napoleon was taken to St Helena.

Maitland went on to be promoted to Admiral in 1830. He was knighted in 1831 and ended his career as Commander-in-Chief in the East Indies where he died in 1839.

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