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Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle

Fyvie Castle

Photograph Fyvie Castle Scotland

Fyvie Castle, dating from 13th century with later additions, near Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Photographic Print of Fyvie Castle from Robert Harding.

Fyvie Castle is haunted by the ghost of a phantom trumpeter who first made his appearance there in the 18th century. The trumpeter was a man called Andrew Lammie and he fell in love with Agnes Smith, the local miller's daughter. Agnes' parents did not approve of Andrew Lammie.

Learning that Andrew and Agnes were meeting in secret the Laird, who himself wanted the girl as his mistress, had Andrew seized and sent in slavery to the West Indies. After several years Andrew managed to escape and return to Scotland to look for his beloved Agnes, only to discover that she had died a short while after he had been forcibly taken abroad. Andrew died of shock but before his death swore that the sound of a trumpet would foretell the death of every laird of Fyvie as a reminder of the terrible injustice he had suffered.
Shortly after Andrew's death the haunting of Fyvie began and for many years afterwards the trumpet would be heard in the dead of night before the death of the laird. On several occasions the shadowy figure of a tall man, dressed in rich tartan, was seen by the castle wall, a figure which always disappeared when approached.

Another ghost at Fyvie Castle is that of the Green Lady, who can still be seen from time to time. She emerges from a room, known as the Haunted Chamber, and glides noiselessly through the corridors and rooms before returning from whence she came, and disappears. No one knows who the Green Lady is.


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