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George Bruce - Poet

He was born on 10 March 1909 in Fraserburgh and was educated at the University of Aberdeen. After a period spent teaching, he joined the BBC in 1946 and served as a general talks producer with responsibility for the arts until 1970. Since his retirement he has held several creative writing posts in Scotland and in the USA. Bruce's first collection of verse, Sea Talk, was published in 1944 and it was followed by Selected Poems (1947). There was a gap of 20 years before Landscapes and Figures: a Selection of Poems appeared in 1967; his Collected Poems was published in 1970. Bruce's work owes much to the imagery of the rugged land and seascapes of his native north-east Scotland, and his craft of versification was influenced by Ezra Pound (1885-1972), especially by his Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (1920). His is a personal vision of the permanency of the land and the durable qualities of its people; and in a group of poems, 'Tom and His Toys', 'Tom on the Beach', 'Tom in Bed' and 'Tom Discovers', the symbolism of childhood and its immutability is an important motif. The inexorable, yet ordered, inarch of history is another favourite image, especially in his poem about St Andrews, ' A Gateway to the Sea', which contrasts the city's ancient ecclesiastical history with the agelessness of the sea and man's struggle against it. Bruce has also written a number of critical works including Ann Redpath( 1974) and Festival in the North: the Story of the Edinburgh Festival.

WORKS; Sea Talk (1944);with T. S. Halliday, Scottish Sculpture (1946); Selected Poems (1947); ed., Maurice Lindsay, The Exiled Heart (1957); ed., with Maurice Lindsay and Edwin Morgan, Scottish Poetry 1-6 (1966-72); Landscapes and Figures: a Selection of
Poems (1967); ed., The Scottish Literary Revival: an Anthology of Twentieth Century Poetry (1968); Collected Poems (1970); ed., A Fatal Tree (1971); Neil Miller Gunn (1971); Some Practical Good (1973); Ann Redpath (1974); Festival in the North: the Story of the Edinburgh Festival (1975); Pitlochry's Festival Theatre (1976).

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