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Gilbert Burnet

Gilbert Burnet

Gilbert Burnet was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. in 1643. He studied in Aberdeen before joining the Church of Scotland.

In 1669 Burnet became Professor of Divinity at Glasgow University. However, he resigned five years later after a disagreement with his patron, the Duke of Lauderdale. He now moved to London where he became an active supporter of the Whigs.

In 1683 Bumet was accused of plotting against James II and he was forced to flee to Holland. When William of Orange became king he appointed Bumet as his royal chaplain. Later Bumet became Bishop of Salisbury.

Bumet wrote several books including History of the Reformation (1679), Exposition of the Thirty-Nine Articles (1699) and History of My Own Time (1724). Gilbert Burnet died in 1715.