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Gilbert Hay (1450) - Poet and Scholar

He was probably related to the Hays of Errol, hereditary constables of Scotland. It may be assumed that he was educated at St Andrews and Paris and thereafter spent time as a courtier or soldier at the French court of Charles VIII. His last years may have been spent as a priest in Scotland under the patronage of the Earl of
Orkney. Hay is one of the earliest Scots prose writers and his works were published by the Abbotsford Club after they were discovered in the library of Sir Walter Scott. They are translations from French works on chivalry and comprise The Buke of Batailes, The Buke of the Order of Knyghthood and The Buke of the Ordnaunce of Princes. His only poetical work, a long-winded poem of some 20,000 verses, The Buke of the Conqueror Alexander the Great, was published by the Bannatyne Club in 1834.

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