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Golf PhotographyGolf Courses of the World: 365 Days Lending itself perfectly to Abrams' highly successful "365 Days" format, this book is a journey around the globe showcasing the greatest golf courses. It gives armchair golfers a chance to visit 365 courses via superb colour photographs and learn about them through informative text. No stone is left unturned as the book covers the great courses in golf strongholds like the U.S., Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, and Australia, and also hidden gems in exotic locales like Indonesia, Nepal, Dubai, Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Brazil. Sidorsky is a knowledgeable guide, providing information about the history, natural setting, design features, most notable holes, and even the native vegetation on all of the courses. The photographs, often featuring spectacular scenery, come from the world's leading golf photographers. Golf Photography.

Lost BallsLost Balls: Great Holes, Tough Shots and Bad Lies Charles Lindsay's photographs offer a humorous and inquisitive foray into the hazards of lost golf balls, rough, woods, bunkers and wetlands, as well as unexpected encounters with wildlife on and off the green. An avid golfer, he photographs his way to the heart of the matter with a light touch and an eye for telling details. In the process he discovers balls ravaged by golfers, 'gators and foxes. Lindsay even comes face to face with what is believed to be the world's oldest golf ball, unearthed in a cellar in the Netherlands alongside a primitive club, and the infamous spot in the tall grass where Tiger Woods lost a ball that cost him the British Open. There are photographs from golf courses all over the world. The Foreword by John Updike is a celebration of golf and nature and why the two are not always compatible. A humorous anecdote by Greg Norman and quotes from other well-known golfers and celebrities also appear throughout the book. Golf Photography.

Classic GolfClassic Golf: The Photographs of Walter Iooss Jr. In the 1960s, when golf was beginning to attract a worldwide television audience, and its champions were becoming figures followed by national magazines, Walter Iooss was among the first photographers to capture the anticipation and tension, the focus and concentration, the heartbreak and victory of the world of golf. From Arnold Palmer in his prime during the 1960s, to Jack Nicklaus, who stepped up to challenge Palmer and then dominated the sport through the early 1980s, to Tiger Woods, who exploded every record set by his predecessors, Iooss covered golf during its most exciting era. In nearly 200 black-and-white and color photographs, he reveals the intensity and austerity of Ben Hogan, the charisma and humor of Lee Trevino, the swagger of Chi Chi Rodriguez, and the compact style of Gary Player. Iooss was also one of the few photographers to turn his lens on the crowd, showing us the rapt attention of golf fans. Best-selling author and award-winning Sports Illustrated writer Rick Reilly contributes an introduction to this classic gift book that truly captures the spirit and style of championship golf.

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