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Henry Dundas (1742—1811) - Statesman

1st Viscount Melville. Statesman and lawyer. He was educated at the High School Of Edinburgh and at the University of Edinburgh where he studied Law. He held several important legal posts, including Solicitor-General in 1766 and Lord Advocate in 1775, and he was a member of the Younger Pitt's Tory administrations of 1784-1801 and 1804-6. During that period he became Pitt's 'manager for Scotland', controlling not only the elections but also the patronage of the main political posts. His absolute power alienated many of his fellow countrymen and he retired from political life in 1806, four years after he had been created a Viscount. Lord Cockburn, in Memorials of His Time, remarked of Melville that he was "well calculated by talent and manner to make despotism popular".

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