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Henry Glassford Bell (1803-74) - Poet

Poet and man of letters. He was born on 8th November 1803 in Glasgow. He studied law at the University of Edinburgh and was called to the Scottish Bar in 1832. Between 1833 and 1852 he was Sheriff-Substitute of Lanarkshire before becoming Sheriff of Lanarkshire in succession to archibald alison; he held the post until his death on 7th January 1874. Bell's literary tastes were developed while he was a student and his first poems were published as early as 1824. By editing a number of short-lived literary magazines he made the acquaintance of many of the writers of the day and he was a well-known figure in Edinburgh literary circles. A lifetime spent editing books and indulging his own antiquarian interests earned him the title of the 'last of the literary sheriffs'.  Little of his own work has survived, though his verse romance Mary Queen of Scots was once popular and he published a spirited and well argued defence of the queen in his two-volume Life of Mary Queen of Scots of 1831.

Works; Poems (1824); Selections of the Most Remarkable Phenomena of Nature (1827); Life of Mary Queen of Scots, 2 vols. (1831); Summer and Winter Hours (1831);
My Old Portfolio (1832); On the Bankruptcy Law of England and Scotland (1860); Romances (1868).

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