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Paris After the LiberationParis After the Liberation: 1944 - 1949. Post liberation Paris, an epoch charged with political and conflicting emotions. Liberation was greeted with joy but marked by recriminations and the trauma of purges. The feverish intellectual arguments of the young took place amidst the mundane reality of hunger and fuel shortages. This is a stunning historical account of one of the most stimulating periods in twentieth century French history.

Sandrine's Paris: A Cultural History of the World's Most Romantic City. Sandrine's Paris. Paris. The most romantic city in the world, and a city with an amazingly rich cultural history. From the Renaissance to the French Revolution, from the construction of the Eiffel Tower to Mitterrand's grands projets, Paris has borne witness to extraordinary people and events over the centuries. And who better to explore the French capital's cultural past than Sandrine Voillet. Art historian, cultural commentator, Parisian, she's as chic and elegant as the city she adores. In this fascinating and highly original portrait of Paris, Sandrine shares her passion for a city indelibly marked by change and revolution. Travelling through 400 years of cultural history, Sandrine introduces the people and events that have shaped Paris into the breathtaking spectacle we see today. Part travelogue, part cultural history and part inside guide to hidden Paris, Sandrine's Paris is lavishly illustrated with over 100 beautiful images that capture the magic of the City of Lights.

Oxford History of the French RevolutionThe Oxford History of the French Revolution. Oxford History of the French Revolution. The most authoritative, comprehensive history of the French Revolution of 1789 draws on a generation of extensive research and scholarly debate to reappraise the most famous of all revolutions. Updates for this second edition include a generous chronology of events, plus an extended bibliographical essay providing an examination of the historiography of the Revolution. Opening with the accession of Louis XVI in 1774, the book traces the history of France through revolution, terror, and counter-revolution, to the triumph of Napoleon in 1802, and analyses the impact of events both in France itself and the rest of Europe. William Doyle shows how a movement which began with optimism and general enthusiasm soon became a tragedy, not only for the ruling orders, but for the millions of ordinary people all over Europe whose lives were disrupted by religious upheaval, and civil and international war. It was they who paid the price for the destruction of the old political order and the struggle to establish a new one, based on the ideals of liberty and revolution, in the face of widespread indifference and hostility.

The Cambridge Illustrated History of France (Cambridge Illustrated Histories) (Cambridge Illustrated Histories). Cambridge Illustrated History of France. This is a major political and social history of France from earliest times to the eve of the new millennium. Colin Jones offers not only an expert's account of political, social and cultural developments, but also a fresh and full interpretation of French history. The Cambridge Illustrated History of France places an innovatory emphasis on the importance of issues of regionalism, class, gender and race in the French heritage. Ranging across social, political, geographical and cultural lines - from prehistoric menhirs to the Pompidou Centre, from Louis XIV's Versailles to twentieth-century high-rises, from Marie Antoinette to Marie Claire, the author provides a host of lively and penetrating new insights into the shaping of the modern nation.

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