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Horatius Bonar

Bonar, Horatius (1808–1889). Divine and poet, son of James B., Solicitor of Exise for Scotland, born and ed. in Edinburgh, entered the Ministry of the Church of Scotland, and was settled at Kelso. He joined the Free Church at the Disruption in 1843, and in 1867 was translated to Edinburgh In 1853 he was made D.D. of Aberdeen. He was a voluminous and highly popular author, and in addition to many books and tracts wrote a number of hymns, many of which, e.g., “I heard the voice of Jesus say,” are known all over the English-speaking world. A selection of these was published as Hymns of Faith and Hope. His last vol. of poetry was My Old Letters.

Works: The Door of the Closet Shut (1838); Can We Remain in the Church' (1842); ed., The Bible Hymnbook (1845); The Night of Weeping (1846); Truth and Error (1846); Prophetical Landmarks (1847); The Story of Grace (1847); The Blood of the Cross (1849); The Coming of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ (1849);
Daniel Rowlands (1850); ed., Kelso Tracts (1850); The Morning of Joy (1850); Songs for the Wilderness (1850); The Grace the Service and the Kingdom (1851); Man his Religion and the World (1851); The Sin of our Holy Things Borne by Christ (1851); Words of Welcome (1851); Forty-fifth Thousand (1853); A Stranger Here (1853); The Eternal Day (1854); The Way of Life (1855); The Desert of Sinai (1857); Hymns of Faith and Hope (1857);
The History of Simeon Rosenthal (1858); Jerusalem and the Christians there (1858); A Land of Promise (1858); ed., Lays of the Holy Land (1858); Service and Strength for it (1859); The True Heart (1859); Christ is All (1860); Earth's Thirst (I860); The Unwritten Words of the Grace of Christ (1860); Words to Winners of Souls(1860); God's Way of Peace (1862); Family Sermons (1863); God's Way of Holiness (1864); The Word of Promise (1864); Catechisms of the Scottish Renaissance (1866); Days and Nights on the Cross (1866); ed., Lyra consolationis (1866); Words Old and New (1866); Twenty-first Thousand (1868); The Life and Work of the Rev. John Milne of Perth (1869); The Nun (1869); Light and Truth, 5 vols. (1872); The Song of the New Creation (1872);
The Everlasting Righteousness (1873); The Christ of God (1874); Follow the Lamb (1874); Earth's Morning (1875);
The Banished One Bearing our Banishment (1875); The Love of the Spirit (1875); The Rent Veil (1875); Believe and Live (1876); The Blood Covenant (1876); Brief Thoughts Concerning the Gospel (1876); Christ the Cleanser (1876); The Cross of the Lord Jesus (187'6); The Diime Banquet (1876); Herod's Ball Room (1876); Kept from Falling (1876); The Light in the Dark Place (187'6): The Righteousness of God (1876); The Sight of Jesus (1876); God's Glory Discovered (187'7); My Old Letters (1877); Does God Care for our Great Cities. (1880); Songs of Gladness (1880); The White Fields of France (1880); ed., Communion Hymns (1881), .A Home for Eternity (1881); How Shall I Go to God? (1881); The Life and Work of the Rev. C. Theophilus Dodds (1884); Songs of Love and Joy (1888); Crowned with Light (1889); The Treasures of the Gospel (1889) The Light of Dawn (1895); Hymns of the Nativity (1897); The Land of Light (1912).

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