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Inverawe House

Taynuilt, Strathclyde

One of the earliest known ghosts of Inverawe, which has been owned by the Campbells for over 400 years, is that of Donald Campbell, brother of Duncan Campbell. Donald had been stabbed to death near Balcadine Castle by a Stuart of Appin, who was cunningly to escape the consequences of his action by taking sanctuary at Inverawe. Donald's ghost indicted Stuart but Highland hospitality could not be broken and as Stuart had entered Inverawe as a guest he could not be harmed, not even for the murder of a member of the family, and could only expect to be allowed safe conduct without fear of harm. The ghost of Donald was to visit Duncan three times and after Duncan had refused to take revenge, which would have broken the strict code of hospitality which was expected of him as a Highland chief, the ghost finally told his brother that he would "meet him at Ticonderoga", words that meant absolutely nothing to Duncan at the time as he had absolutely no idea where the place might be.

Years later, Duncan Campbell, Lord of Inverawe, was a major in the Black Watch Regiment and was sent to North America in 1758 to fight against the French. On 17th July, 1758, the Black Watch went into action against the fort of St Louis. The regiment suffered horrendous casualties and Major Campbell was killed in the first attack. It was only just before the attack began that he was to learn that the Indian name for the fort was Ticonderoga. At the time of his death he appeared at Inverawe and the family knew instantly that he was dead, a fact that was to be confirmed weeks later when the news of the battle arrived from America. The Ticonderoga Room was named as a memorial to him. Donald Campbell was never seen again at Inverawe but the ghost of Duncan Campbell is said to have haunted the house ever since.

The ghost of a woman, with golden hair and wearing a long green dress, has been seen many times at Inverawe and is thought to appear only before bona-fide members of the Campbell Family. There is strong local opinion that she is the legendary Maid of Collard, but it is more likely that she was the mistress of one of the Campbells many years ago who, for some unknown misdemeanour, had her buried alive.

Her hauntings seem to centre on the Ticonderoga Room, which she must have enjoyed during her lifetime on this Plane. In 1912, loud screams were heard coming from that room, which had just been emptied of all it's furniture prior to the new owners moving in, the very night before they were due to arrive. Shortly after the Second World War a guest, who had been out fishing all day, was putting up his rods upon his return to Inverawe, when he noticed "Green Jean", as she was known, walking along the gallery that overlooks the hall. She went into the Ticonderoga Room and vanished.

In August, 1967, a guest was rather rudely awakened when she actually turned him over in bed. She has been known to be very helpful, on one occasion actually laying out soap and towels for a guest.
"Green Jean" has also been seen outside the house. A shepherd was astonished to see her ghost and even more astonished to see his sheep actually making way for her as she passed through their ranks. On another occasion she is said to have scared workers at a nearby hydro-electric project when she was seen walking along the Inverawe Road towards the house, where in full view of the men she vanished.

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