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iPod GuideThe Rough Guide to IPod, ITunes and Music Online The ultimate companion to the defining gadget of the digital music era and an essential guide to sounds on the Net, on your PC or Mac, and in your pocket. The new edition provides full coverage of the latest range rolled out from Apple HQ, including the iPod nano, mini, photo, Shuffle, and ipods with video capability. As in the previous edition, it explains how to select the right model and get the best deal, how to import your CDs and manage your music library, how to digitize music from vinyl or cassette and download from the best online sites and stores, all this plus much, much more. iPod Books.

The IPod and ITunes Pocket GuideThe IPod and ITunes Pocket Guide iPod users want to start using their devices as soon as they get their hands on them, and this guide shows them how. In these pages, trusted gadget teacher Christopher Breen reveals the secrets to using the leading MP3 player. Distilled from the pages of Playlist magazine and the best-selling Secrets of the iPod and iTunes, this handy guide offers the quickest way to learn how to use the iTunes Music Store,import songs from CDs, create on-the-go play lists, and more. Readers will also find thorough coverage of the entire iPod family, including the iPod shuffle. Along the way, Christopher offers hints for accessorizing iPods, tips for making the most of the device's storage capabilities, troubleshooting advice for when the gadgets become uncooperative, and tips on podcasting. iPod Books.

The IPod BookThe IPod Book: Doing Cool Stuff with the IPod and the ITunes Music Store There is no denying it, with the introduction of the iPod and iTunes, Apple has changed the face of music. Now we can carry around our entire music collection in our pocket, buy that one song we love (but not enough to buy the whole CD), and carry around thousands of digital photos. While the iPod and iTunes are user-friendly, figuring them out for the first time can be tricky. Plus, they can do way more than meets the eye. In this fully updated best-seller, Scott Kelby, the award-winning, best-selling author and creator of the popular Killer Tips series, delivers what users need to know to get up to speed fast on Apple's popular digital audio player and jukebox software. Through full-color illustrations and simple step-by-step instructions, readers will learn all about the new iTunes/Motorola cell phone, iPod Nano, Podcasting, and iTunes 5, while also learning the basics of how to share music between Macs and PCs; sync iTunes created playlists as well as iPod-created voice notes; burn large playlists to CDs; store photos; and much more. Best of all, Scott has peppered the guide with tons of time-saving tips and tricks that typically can only be gleaned through hard-won experience!

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