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The Lively Ghosts of Ireland
The Lively Ghosts
of Ireland

Ireland a Haunted Land
A Haunted Land: Ireland's Ghosts

Irish Ghosts and Hauntings
Irish Ghosts and Hauntings

Ghosts of Great Britain and Ireland
Ghosts of Great Britain and Ireland

Haunted Castles of Ireland
Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland

Celtic Lore and Legend
Celtic Lore and Legend: Meet the Gods, Heroes, Kings, Fairies, Monsters, and Ghosts of Yore

Irish Tales of the Fairies and the Ghost World
Irish Tales of the Fairies and the Ghost World

Irish Ghosts

Ghost Watchers Guide to IrelandA Ghost Watcher's Guide to Ireland Irish Ghosts. The ghosts of Ireland are an integral part of the country's tradition and atmosphere. Stories are told of their presence in the old houses of Dublin as well as in the rambling, grandiose mansions. This guide contains 47 tales of such ghosts, ranging in time from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Be intrigued by the banshee and the headless coachman, or phantom dogs and fearsome black cats. Picture shadowy figures going about their unfinished business, flitting along dim corridors. Imagine the strange death warnings, the culmination of a sound that resembles the wind, yet has the tone of a human voice. These are the ghosts of Ireland. The book is fully illustrated with the hauntingly beautiful photographs of world-renowned photographer Simon Marsden.

Irish Ghost StoriesIrish Ghost Stories Irish Ghosts. Unexplained psychic phenomena fascinate people from all walks of life. However, many are afraid, ashamed and embarrassed to come forward for fear of not being taken seriously. Of course, we can't prove that ghosts exist or don't exist. We are in a different realm of consciousness when we talk about ghosts. But however strange or unusual the feelings that people experience, the experiences themselves are none the less real. Celebrated people have had strange experiences. This book includes those of the actor Micheal MacLiammoir and of playwright and author Hugh Leonard, Jack Keyes Byrne. The Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley, has acknowledged the presence of a ghost named Isabella in his Castlehyde home near Fermoy, County Cork. Oliver St John Gogarty also believed in ghosts. There are many well-known Irish ghost stories and Padraic O'Farrell tells some of them in this book. He has, however, leaned heavily on the side of lesser-known tales; most of them previously unpublished.

True Irish Ghost StoriesTrue Irish Ghost Stories: Haunted Houses, Banshees, Poltergeists and Other Supernatural Phenomena This compilation of richly varied stories based on supernatural phenomena relies on the memories of ordinary Irish folk scattered throughout the isle. Classified by geographical area, these simple yet compelling narratives provide amazing descriptions of poltergeists and banshees, spiritfilled houses, deathbed scenes pervaded by spectres, legendary and ancestral phantoms, uncanny forewarnings of death and other unearthly experiences. A comprehensive collection of authentic ghost tales: disarming, convincing, and illuminating. Irish Ghosts.

True Irish Ghost StoriesThe early twentieth-century work tells of haunted houses, poltergeists, apparitions, banshees, and other supernatural happenings in Irish cities and countrysides. Irish Ghosts.

Haunted Inns of Britain and IrelandHaunted Inns of Britain and Ireland Britain and Ireland are famous for their inns and hostelries - and their ghosts. It seems that our favourite haunts are also those of resident wraiths intent on revisiting their past in the cosy confines of centuries old pubs. From Cornwall to Scotland, and from Ireland to East Anglia, historian and inveterate ghost-hunter Richard Jones seeks out the most charming inns with the spookiest of ghost stories. All the information you need for your own tour of haunted inns is provided. Just be prepared to share your pint with a ghostly knight or phantom highwayman as you pass through.

Haunted Houses of IrelandHaunted Houses of Britain and Ireland Whether a grand palace or stately home, small family property or majestic ruin, Britain and Ireland are teeming with houses that have resident ghosts and phantoms. Renowned spectre-seeker Richard Jones has scoured the Kingdom and the Emerald Isle searching for the most haunted properties that are open to the public, be they city hotels, grand National Trust properties or small country houses. From a giggling girl and cigar smoke in Cornwall to a ghostly lion and a green lady in Scotland, Richard reveals, explains and delights in the tales of the unexplained sights, sounds and smells that visitors to these abodes may encounter, be they sceptic or ghost-hunter.This authoritative and entertaining guide to over 100 haunted houses is handsomely designed and illustrated throughout with chilling photographs and maps of each region.

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