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Dublin History
Dublin: A Cultural and Literary History

Ireland Politics and War
Ireland, 1798-1998: Politics and War (A History of the Modern British Isles)

Ireland Since the Famine
Ireland Since the Famine

Irish History

The Oxford Companion to Irish HistoryThe Oxford Companion to Irish History Irish History. In a field bedevilled by controversy The Oxford Companion to Irish History offers a comprehensive and balanced point of reference to all aspects of this fascinating and complex land. Written by a team of 96 renowned experts in the field of Irish studies, the Companion's 1,800 A-Z entries explore Irish history from earliest times to the dawn of the new millennium. Revised and updated and now available in paperback, this second edition of the Companion reaffirms the position held by the first edition as the definitive compact source of reference on all aspects of the Irish past.

The Encyclopaedia of IrelandThe Encyclopaedia of Ireland Irish History. With more than 5,000 original articles written by over 900 different contributors and in excess of 700 illustrations, mainly in colour, The Encyclopaedia of Ireland is unique. Unique in scope, in the distinction of its design and in its total commitment to quality - there is no book about Ireland remotely like it. It is the most ambitious reference work ever published about Ireland. Meticulously detailed, it is a treasure store of information, education, entertainment and enlightenment. Its range is astounding as it covers the entire spectrum of Irish achievement in all fields of human endeavour throughout recorded history. The conventional subjects are all here: literature and language, history, geography, economics, sociology, the arts and music. But other subjects, often neglected in Irish reference books, are also given their due place, such as science, engineering, astronomy, and sport. The publication of The Encyclopaedia of Ireland is a truly significant event. It represents the culmination of many years' collaboration between an entire community of talented writers led by a uniquely qualified team of editors.

Ireland HistoryIreland: A Social and Cultural History 1922-2001 Irish History. The seminal history of Ireland's most unusual century, thoroughly updated for the new millennium. With its starting point the bloody creation of the Irish Free State in 1922, Ireland: A Social and Cultural History explores how Irish identity has shifted across eighty years of unprecedented change and violence. What was the legacy of De Valera and Sinn Fein, or of remaining neutral during the Second World War? What were the effects of the establishment of a formally recognised Republic of Ireland in 1949 and thus the continued status of Northern Ireland as part of Great Britain? How has the state of virtual civil war that has existed between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland ever since altered the course of Irish history? Terence Brown evokes all the turbulent, and often confusing, events of the last century and makes sense of them, showing with skill and wit just how Irish culture escaped from W B Yeats' backward-looking Celtic Twilight towards modernity. Ireland: A Social and Cultural History is a fascinating work of synthesis, and an unforgettable book.

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