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James Bell Salmond - Novelist

He was a native of Arbroath, Scotland. After graduating from the University of St Andrews he served as an officer with the Black Watch during World War I, fighting on the Western Front. Although his original intention had been to read law, he turned to journalism for a living, and in 1927 he became editor of the Dundee Scots Magazine, which that year had moved from Glasgow to Dundee. Under his tutelage writers such as Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Lewis Spence and Neil Gunn received great encouragement; he was a particular source of financial support to Gunn when he became a full-time writer. Salmond wrote articles, stories and poetry for the magazine, using the pen-name 'Wayfarer', and a selection of his verse was published in The Old Stalker (1936). In 1948 he retired to live in St Andrews, where he wrote a history of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and an account of the 51st Highland Division during World War II. He also devoted much time and energy to the affairs of his alma mater, editing a selection of the writings of Andrew Lang at the behest of the Senatus of the University. Wade in Scotland (1934) is the standard work on the construction of lines of communication in the Highlands by General Wade (1673-1748), following the 1715 Jacobite rebellion. Salmond was a founder-member of the Scottish Youth Hostel Association and he was also connected with the Arbroath Abbey Pageant Society, which presents plays relating  to the abbey's part in the Declaration Of Arbroath. He died on 2nd February 1958 in St Andrews.

Works: Bawbee Bowden (1922); Wade in Scotland (1934); The Old Stalker (1936); ed., Andrew Lang and St Andrews (1944); Flower of the Flax (1944); The Toby Jug (1947); Veterum laudes (1950); Recording Scotland (1952); The History of the 51st Highland Division, 1939-1945 (1953). The Story of the R and A (1956).

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