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James Grant (1822-1887) - Novelist and Historian

He was born on 1st August 1822 in Edinburgh, the son of an army officer. The greater part of his childhood was spent in North America and Spain, and between 1840 and 1843 he served in the army, before returning to Edinburgh to work as an architectural draughtsman. His first novel, The Romance of War, was published in 1845 and it was the first of many light novels from his pen dealing with the army, war and famous events from Scotland's history. It is as a historian that he is best remembered; his three-volume Old and New Edinburgh (1880) is a standard, and lovingly researched, history of the city. An early nationalist, Grant founded the National Association for the Vindication of Scottish Rights in 1852. He died on 5 May 1887 in London.

Works Include; The Romance of War (1845); The Phantom Regiment (1847); Adventures of an Aide-de-camp (1848); Memoirs and Adventures of Sir William Kirkcaldy of Grange (1849); Memorials of the Castle of Edinburgh (1850); The Scottish Cavalier (1850); Memoirs and Adventures of Sir John Hepbum (1851); Jane Seton (1853); Bothwell (1854); Philip Rollo (1854); Frank Hilton (1855); Henry Ogilvie (1856); The Highlanders of Glen Ora (1857); Arthur Blane (1858); Memoirs of James, Marquis of Monerose (1858); The Cavaliers of Fortune (1859); Holywood Hotel (1859); Legends of the Black Watch (1859); Mary of Lorraine (1860); Jack Manly (1861); Oliver Ellis (1861); The Captain of the Guard (1862); Dick Rodney (1863); Letty Hyde's Lovers (1863); Adventures of Rob Roy (1864); Second to None (1864); The King's own Borderers (1865); The Constable of France (1866); A Haunted Life (1866); First Love and Last Love (1868); The Girl he Married (1869); The Secret Despatch (1869); Lady Wedderbum's Wish (1870); The White Cockade (1879); Only an Ensign (1871); Under the Red Dragon (1872); British Battles on Land and Sea, 3 vols. (1873-5); Fairer than a Fairy (1874); The Queen's Cadet (1874); Shall I Win her.' (1874); One of the Six Hundred (1875); Cassell's Illustrated History of India, 3 vols. (1876-7); Did she Love him.' (l876};Morley Ashton (1876); Six Years Ago (1877); The Lord Hermitage (1878); The Ross-shire Buffs (1878); Vere of ours (1878); The Royal Regiment (1879); Cassell's Old and New Edinburgh (1880); The Duke of Albany's own Highlanders (1880); The Cameronians (1881); Derval Hamilton (1S81); Lady Glendonwyn (1881); The Scots Brigade (1882); Violet Jermyn (1882); The Dead Tryst (1883); Jack Chaloner (1883); Miss Cheyne of Esslemont (1883); The Master of Aberfeldie (1884); Cassell's Illustrated History of the War in the Sudan, 6 vols. (1885-6); Colville of the Guards (1885); The Royal Highlanders (1885); Dulcie Carlyon (1886); The Tartans and Clans of Scotland (1886).

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