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James King Annand - Poet

He was born on 2nd February 1908 in Edinburgh and
was educated there at Broughton Secondary School and at the University of Edinburgh. While a schoolboy he edited the Broughton Magazine which published some of the early work of Hugh MacDiarmid, including '0 Jesu parvule' in 1925. After graduating in 1930 Annand taught in schools in Edinburgh and Whithorn, Wigtonshire. During World War II he served with the Royal Navy between 1941 and 1946. Although never a prolific poet, Annand's work is written in an aggrandized Scots which has
been enriched by his careful scholarly learning.  He has translated work from German and medieval Latin into Scots, and his Songs from Carmina Burana (1978) captures much of the earthy humour of the original. However, Annand is no mere pedant and, like William Soutar, has given endless delight to children with his bairn-rhymes, collected in three  volumes: Sing it Aince for Pleisure (1965), Twice for Joy (1973), Thrice to Show Ye (1979). Works: Sing it Aince for Pleisure (1965); ed., Early Lyrics by Hugh MacDiarmia (1968); Two Voices (1968); Twice for Joy (1973); Poems and Translations (1975); Songs from Carmina Burana (1978); Thriceto Show Ye (1979); ed., A Scots Handsel (1980)

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