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Jane Findlater (1866-1946) - Novelist

She was born on 4th November 1866 at Lochearnhead, Perthshire, daughter of a minister of the Free Church of Scotland. Like her sister Mary Findlater, she was educated at home, and the two sisters were to remain lifelong companions and collaborators. Following the death of her father in 1886 she moved with her family to Prestonpans, East Lothian, but the success of her first novel The Green Graves of Balgowrie (1896) offered financial security and enabled the family to live in Devon and later in London, Rye and Comrie in Perthshire, where she died on 20 May 1946. The accuracy of her backgrounds and her ability to draw rounded characters are hallmarks of Jane Findlater's fiction and her best
novel, The Green Graves of Balgowrie, set in the 18th century, was based on family papers and
stories. Her other novels, which are equally well told are A Daughter of Strife (1897), Rachel (1899), The Story of a Mother (1902) and The Ladder to the Stars (1906). She also wrote two collections of short stories, Seven Scots Stories (1912) and A Green Grass Widow (1921), and her essays were collected in Stones from a Glass House (1904). She collaborated with her sister, Kate Douglas Wiggin and 'Allan McAulay' (the pseudonym of the novelist Charlotte Stewart) in the production of two long, uneven novels. By far the sisters' greatest achievement was the novel Crossriggs, which they wrote together and published in 1908. A romance of upper-class manners, the novel is a light-hearted and frequently humorous examination of village life and is made memorable by its gallery of well-drawn characters, especially the heroine Alex Hope.

Works: The Green Craves of Balgowrie (1896); A Daughter of Strife (1897); Rachel (1899); The Story of a Mother (1902); Stones from a Glass House (1904); All that Happened in a Week (1905); The Ladder to theStars (1906); Seven Scots Stories (1912); A Green Grass Widow and Other Stories (1921) with Mary Findlater: Tales that are Told (1901); Crossriggs (1908); Penny Monypenny (1911); Content with Flies (1916); Seen and Heard Before and After 1914 (1916); Beneath the Visiting Moon (1923) with Mary Findlater, Kate Douglas Wiggin and Allan McAulay: The Affair at the Inn (1904); Robinetta (1911).

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