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Joe Corrie - Poet

Born in Slammanan, Joe Corrie (1894- 1968) came to Cardenden as an infant and, at the age of 14, like many of his contemporaries went down the pit straight from school.

Despite his lack of a formal education, he was skilled with words and was soon producing works inspired by his surroundings and laced with socialist themes.

The first performances of his plays 'Hogmanay' and The Shillin'-A-Week Man' were staged to raise money to feed miners during the 1926 General Strike.

Others included 'In Time O' Strife', 'Hewers of Coal' and 'Martha'. Corrie's poetry collections included 'The Image O' God and Other Poems', 'Rebel Poems' and 'Scottish Pride and Other Poems'.

Such was his contemporary fame that he was described by T.S. Eliot as "the greatest Scots poet since Burns."

Joe Corrie died in Edinburgh, but his legacy is recalled to this day in the centre named after him in his home town.

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