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John Hay Beith (1876-1952) - Novelist

John Hay Beith, who wrote under the pen-name 'lan Hay', was born on 17th April 1876 in Manchester, the son of a cotton merchant. He was educated at Fettes College, Edinburgh, and St John's College, Cambridge, and returned to Edinburgh twice, in 1901 and 1906, to teach at Fettes before becoming a full-time writer in 1912. During World War I he served with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and from his war experiences he wrote the successful novel The First Hundred
Thousand (1915) which captured the buoyant mood of the first conscript army. His other war novels were Carrying On (1917) and The Last Million (1918) and he also wrote a number of light but shrewdly observed novels of public school life. Beith was rightly praised during the 1930s as a collaborator in the theatre with authors such as Stephen King-Hall and P. G. Wodehouse. He died on 22 September 1952 in Petersfield, Hampshire.

Works; Their Name Liveth (1931); The Royal Company of Archers, 1676-1951 (1951) as lan Hay: Pip (1907); A Man's Man (1909); A Safety Match (1911); Happy-go-lucky (1913); A Knight on Wheels (1914); The Lighter Side of Life (1914); The First Hundred Thousand (1915) .
Carrying On (1917); The Last Million (1918); Tilly of Bloomsbury (1919); The Willing Horse (1921); with Seymour Hicks, Good Luck (1922); The Happy Ending (1922); The Shallow End (1924); The Sport of Kings (1924); Paid with Thanks (1925); Half a Sovereign (1926); with P. G. Wodehouse, A Damsel in Distress (1928); The Poor Gentleman (1928); with P. G. Wodehouse, Baa-baa Blacksheep (1929); with P. G. Wodehouse, Leave it to Psmith (1930); The Middle Watch (1930); A Song of Sixpence (WO}; Mr Faintheart (1931);
The Midshipmaid (1932); Orders are Orders (1932); The Great Wall of India (1933); A Present from Margate (1933); with Stephen King-Hall, Admirals All (1934);
David and Destiny (1934); Lucky Dog (1934); The Frog (1936); Housemaster (1936); The King's Service (1938); The Gusher (1939); Stand at Ease (1940); Little Ladyship (1941); America Comes Across (1942); The Unconquered Isle (1943); Peaceful Invasion (1946); The Post Office Went to War (1946); with Stephen King-Hall, Off the Record (1947); R.O.F. (1948); with L. DuGarde Peach, The White Sheep of the Family (1951); Cousin Christopher (1953); 100 Years of Army Nursing (1953).

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