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John Joy Bell (1871 -1934) - Novelist

He was born on 7th May 1871 in Glasgow, the son of a tobacco manufacturer. He was educated in Glasgow at Kelvinside Academy, in Perthshire at Morrison's Academy, and at the University of Glasgow, where he studied chemistry. There is a tell description of his childhood days in the Scotland of the 1880s in his volume of Reminiscences I Remember (1932), and its sequel. Do you Remember7 (1934), takes the story up to the years after World War I. Bell spent most of his later years in Aberdeen and he remained a lifelong friend of the novelist and editor Neil Munro. He died on 14 November 1934.  Most of Bell's early writing was in journalism and it was from a series of sketches published in the Glasgow Evening Times between 1901 and 1902 that he came to publish, at his own expense. Wee MacGreegor (1902), a pawky novel about a small boy and his adventures in Glasgow. With its sentimental and stylized picture of working-class life in Glasgow, Wee MacGreegor was an instant success; it sold over a quarter of a million copies and was pirated in North America. Bell followed the successful formula in its sequels Wee MacGreegor Again (1904) and Wee MacGreegor Enlists (1915). In 1909 he introduced another enfant terrible, Christina, in Oh, Christina, which was followed by Courtin' Christina (1913). Glasgow figures as a backdrop to most of Bell's novels, and even as the school of fictional realism grew in the 1920s and 1930s Bell continued to publish novels of urban kailyard sentimentality, such as The Braw Bailie (1925). A volume of his verse, Clyde Songs, was published in 1906.

Works: The New Noah's Ark (1899); Jack of All Trades (1900); Wee MacGreegor (1902); Ethel (1903); Jess and Co. (1904); Mistress McLeerie (1904); Wee MacGreegor Again (1904); Mr Lion of London (1905); Mr Pennycook's Boy (1905); Clyde Songs and Other Verses (1906); Thou Fool (1907); Joseph Redfem (1908); Whither thou Goest (1908); Oh, Christina (1909); Dancing Days (1910);
Jim Crow (1911); A Kingdom of Dreams (1911); Courtin' Christina (1913); Bobby (1914); The Whalers (1914); Wee MacGreegor Enlists (1915); Cupid in Oilskins (1916); Kiddies (1916); Little Grey Ships (1916); Five and Twenty Turkeys (1917); Kitty Carstairs (1917); Till the Clock Stops (1917); All Ages (1918); Atlantic Gold (1918); Johnny Pride (1918); The Middle Ship (1919) Jimmy, Jimmy (1921) .Secret Cards (1922); Wee MacGreegor's Party (1922); The Nickums (1923); Some Plain, some Coloured (1923); Thread o'Scarlet (1923); The J. J. Bell Reader (1924); Mr Craw (1924); 77i(ue Class Distinctions (1924); The Braw Baillie (1925); The Invisible Net (1925);
Wolves (1925); Exit Mr McLeerie (1926); The Laird's Lucky Number (1926); Mr and Mrs Craw (1926); Billy (1927); Meet Mr Craw (1927); Hoots.' (1929); Gambler's Hope (1930); Good Morning, Sir John! (1930); A Relapse of Consuls (1930); Laird of Glen Laggan (1931); The Glory of Scotland (1932); I Remember (1932); Scotland's Rainbow West (1933); The Women (1933); Breaking Point (1934); Do you Remember? (1934); Hamish (1934); Scotland in Ten Days (1934).

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