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John Robertson Allan - Journalist

He was born in Udny, Aberdeenshire, and was educated at the University of Aberdeen. His autobiographical story of the farming communities of the north-east of Scotland, Farmer's Boy (1935), is a classic study of childhood and is richly evocative of a bygone age.  Allan worked as a journalist in Glasgow but returned later to his native Aberdeenshire to farm at Methlick. Most of his published work has been devoted to agricultural subjects but his North-east Lowlands of Scotland (1952) is a loving, though utterly unsentimental, account of the topography and history of the land of his birth.
Works: A New Song to the Land (1931); Farmer's Boy (1935); Down on the Farm (1937); Scotland (1938);
Summer in Scotland (1938); England Without End (1940);
North East Lowlands of Scotland (1952); The Seasons Return (1955); Crombies of Grandholm and Cothal (1960).

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