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Joseph Storer Clouston (1870-1944) - Novelist

He was born on 23rd May 1870 in Cumberland, into an old-established Orkney family. He was educated in Edinburgh and Oxford and was called to the English Bar although he never practised as a barrister. Most of his life was spent in Orkney and during World War I he was Sub-commissioner for Orkney and Shetland under the National Services Department. Clouston was a prolific writer and in 1899 his first comic novel, The Lunatic at Large, became a popular success; it was followed by a series of equally successful sequels: Count Bunker (1906), The Lunatic at Large Again (1922), The Lunatic Still at Large (1923) and The Lunatic in Charge (1926).  Among his many other publications may be mentioned two spy thrillers, The Spy in Black (1917) and The Man from the Clouds (1918), and A History of Orkney (1932). He died on 23 June 1944.

Works: Vanrad the Viking (1898); The Lunatic at Large (1899); The Duke (1900); The Adventures of M D'Haricot (1902); Our Lady's Inn (1903); Garmiscath (1904); Count Bunker (1906); A County Family (1908); The Prodigal Father (1909); The Peer's Progress (1910): His First Offence (1912); ed., Records of the Earldom of Orkney 1299-1614(1914); Two's Two (1916); The Spy in Black (1917); The Man from the Clouds (1918); Sermon (1919); Carrington's Cases (1920); The Lunatic at Large Again (1922); The Lunatic Still at Large (1923); Tales of King Fido (1924); The Lunatic in Charge (1926); Mr Essington in Love (1927); ed.. The Orkney Parishes (1927); The Jade's Progress (1928); After the Deed (1929); Colonel Dam (1930); Virtuous Tramp (1931); Best Story Ever (1932); A History of Orkney (1932); Button Brains (1933); The Chemical Baby (1934); Real Champagne (1934); Our Member Mr Mittlebery (1935); Scotland Expects (1936); Scots Wha Hae (1936); Not Since Genesis (1938); The Man in Steel (1939); Beastmark the Spy (1941).

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