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Jungles (Jumbo S.)

Jungle Photography

Jungle PhotographySecret Jungle This breathtaking book is a photographic record of one woman's determination to reveal the beauties of a mysterious yet imperilled world. Nicole Viloteau has spent over twenty-five years exploring the world's jungles, from Gabon to Australia, from Madagascar to Brazil. Her text is in the form of brief sketches of jungle scenes: simple, poetic, it describes the pure emotions experienced in complete solitude in the heart of nature. Yet it is the photographs that stick in the mind once the book is closed; dramatic close-ups of forest flowers: almost abstract in their graphic patterns and bold colors; rare tree-frogs and lizards, their skin glistening with poison; snakes with scales and eyes like jewels. The book is divided into thematic chapters, illustrating the way jungle flora and fauna adapt to the specific demands of their environment: nocturnal animals, camouflage, predators. With full color illustrations on nearly every page, it provides a visually stunning journey to a little-known, infinitely precious world that is vanishing all too fast. Jungle Photography.

Borneo Rainforest Borneo Rainforest pictures an ancient, compl ex, irreplaceable ecosystem with passionate descriptions and a journal of the expedition''s events.

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