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North Atlantic LighthousesNorth Atlantic Lighthouses There cannot be many people who have an interest in lighthouses who have not seen the photographs of Jean Guichard. This superbly illustrated book takes us to many locations, some tranquil if not pastoral whilst other locations are stunning and majestic. The first part of the book concentrates on the origins and history of lighthouse construction with a review of design development. The larger part of the book is, by far, a compilation of high quality photographs each annotated with just enough commentary to satisfy the interest of the reader but not enough to make the presentation dry. The pictorial voyage begins with the lighthouses of the coast of America and includes Iceland, The British Isles and ending in Brittany. Lighthouse Photography.

Rock Lighthouses of BritainRock Lighthouses of Britain This volume recounts the history of 12 rock lighthouses in various parts of the British Isles, how and why they were constructed and of the difficulties that had to be overcome. It contains varied information, such as materials for the Bell Rock lighthouse had to be carried to it in sailing ships, rather than in steam ships. This well-illustrated book contains many stories and dramas recorded about the lighthouses and their keepers, such as Grace Darling's rescue bid off the stormy Northmberland coast and the tragedy of the Smalls.

The Lighthouse EncyclopediaThe Lighthouse Encyclopedia: The Definitive Reference Who was Augustine Fresnel? What is a clamshell lens? When was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse moved inland? Where were screw-pile towers used? What is a daymark? Lighthouse lovers and anyone interested in maritime history will find the answers to these and hundreds of other questions in The Lighthouse Encyclopedia. This one-stop resource offers a wealth of information about the history of lighthouses, key people associated with lighthouses, lighthouse technology, lighthouse organizations and specific lighthouses. Organized in traditional encyclopaedia style, this predominantly A-to-Z compendium of information allows readers to easily find the historical fact, famous lighthouse keeper or lighthouse mechanism they are looking for and then read the pertinent details about that topic. The following is a small sampling of entries covered: breakwater light; hyper-radiant lens; lightships; Stephen Pleasanton; steamer lantern; caisson; Winslow Lewis; mercury bath; rear range light; and eclipsing light. In addition, a directory of more than 150 lighthouses throughout the world provides key data - date built, tower height, elevation, type of optic and when automated - about each lighthouse plus full details about the lighthouse's history, wartime significance and current restoration. Dozens of full-colour photographs of the lighthouses enhance the text, and archival images of lighthouse keepers, famous lighthouses as they looked in their early years, hurricane wreckage and other events of historic significance help bring to life the dramatic lighthouse story. Sidebars on subjects such as lighthouse preservation, lighthouse collectibles, shipwrecks and lighthouses in the movies also enliven the main text.

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