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Ghosts of the Tower of London
Ghosts of the Tower
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London Ghosts

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Haunted LondonHaunted London London's shadowed alleyways, sleepy pubs and misty open spaces are alive with the ghosts of the famous and the forgotten, the lovelorn and the loveless, the damned and the damnable. Haunted London takes the intrepid ghost seeker on a truly hair-raising journey to some of the capital's spookiest places. From the manifestations at the infamous 50 Berkeley Square to the eternal restlessness of Jack the Ripper's victims, Richard Jones, professional tour guide and inveterate ghost hunter, leaves no haunted house unmentioned, revealing the intriguing tales behind the lost souls who haunt them.

Walking Haunted LondonWalking Haunted London (Walking S.) London Ghosts. Aimed at the most intrepid London visitors and residents, this walking guide wends its way through eerie and, in many cases, long-forgotten parts of England's capital city. From Deadman's Walk and the Screamng Wood to Dick Turpin and Jack the Ripper, professional tour guide and ghost hunter Richard Jones leaves no haunted house or lost soul unmentioned. Join him on a journey through shadowed alleyways, sleepy pubs and the darkest recesses of London's historic homes. This book presents atmospheric illustrations and route maps along with full details of transport, opening times and the moments when ghosts are most likely to appear.

Ghosts of LondonGhosts of London London Ghosts. The ancient city of London is haunted by hundreds of ghosts, including famous historical figures such as Henry VIII, Walter Raleigh and Florence Nightingale, as well as a host of less well-known but equally fascinating characters. Poltergeists, screaming spectres, headless women and even phantom trains and buses fill the pages of this detailed guide to the spirits that stalk the streets of London. Find out about the ghosts that haunt the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, discover London’s most haunted town house in Berkeley Square, and learn which ghosts to look out for in the pubs of the East End at night. In Ghosts of London Jon Sutherland reveals the stories behind hauntings in theatres, parks, homes, palaces and pubs all over the capital, from Acton to Woolwich.

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