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Tate Modern: The Handbook London England. Celebrating the opening of the new Tate at Bankside, London, this book introduces readers to the building, the collection and the new approach to modern and contemporary art. The gallery presents 20th century art through four classic themes: the nude, landscape, still life and history painting. Museums and Galleries of London.

Best Paintings in London100 Best Paintings in London One of the primary reasons why tourists visit London is to experience the cultural richness which this great city offers and art galleries are high on the list of what most visitors want to see. This book seeks to inform and amuse these visitors and also residents who wish to make the most of what their city has to offer. Geoffrey Smith is not an art professional and readers will find the text to be accessible, at times irreverent, and not too full of art jargon. The book is written for the gallery visitor not the art historian. Contains descriptions of works from, The Courtauld Institute, Dulwich Picture Gallery, The Estorick Collection Kenwood House, The National Gallery, Sir John Soane's Museum, Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The V & A, The Wallace Collection.

Curiosities in LondonLondon Peculiars: Curiosities in a Capital City London is a city that continually changes to suit the age; an ever changing backdrop to what has survived from over the centuries. We are always conscious of the show piece buildings, but London can never quite shake off the smaller details, the disregarded curiosities that connect us to a past that never goes away. London Peculiars goes in search of the strange, the unexpected and the downright odd: dinosaurs in Sydenham, stage-set housefronts in Bayswater, a funeral railway in Waterloo. Architecture that moves considerable distances, architecture that hides other purposes. The weird, the mysterious, the preposterous; this book is a manual for anyone wanting to scratch away at London's surface gloss, for everyone who looks beyond the immediate and obvious. Through a succession of atmospheric photographs and text, this fascinating book will send the reader on an enchanting journey of discovery through London's alternative histories.

Victoria and Albert MuseumThe Victoria and Albert Museum's Textiles Collection: British Textile Design from 1940 to the Present Covers the history of British textile design from 1940 to the present day. The text explores key themes such as artist-designed and hand-crafted versus machine-made textiles, how the use of abstract and geometric patterning has influenced designs, and derivative design and new approaches.

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