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London ParksLondon's Parks and Gardens This book takes the reader on a guided tour of London's public squares, community and allotment gardens, front gardens and window boxes, and the myriad and monumental public parks, from the grand formality of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens to the wild heathland of Hampstead and the commons. Illustrated with photographs that capture all the diversity of London's green spaces, presenting a unique and fresh viewpoint on the familiar, crammed with intriguing information as well as practical details, London Gardens is a source of delight and discovery for all Londoners, gardeners and environmentalists, and for all visitors to the city. A must for any tourist interested in London's parks, gardens and green spaces. Reveals gardens never previously seen by the public and shows famous spaces in a new light. A fresh and innovative look at one of the world's greatest cities.

A Year in the Life of Richmond ParkA Year in the Life of Richmond Park London Parks. Richmond Park is the largest open space in London. Only ten miles from central London, it is one of the city's most popular and treasured Royal parks. It has 23 ponds, acres of grassland, thousands of trees and expanses of bog and bracken-covered ground, providing habitats for thousands of species of plant and animal life. Joanna Jackson's book gives us an insight into a year at Richmond Park. She covers every aspect of the park's life, from animals to trees, from history to its appearances in literature.

Walking London ParksWalking London's Parks and Gardens (Walking S.) London Parks. This guide focuses on parks, squares and gardens in and around central London. Each of the 25 entries consists of a scene-setting historical and descriptive introduction, followed by a guided walk and detailed information on highlights encountered en route. Each entry also has a map, showing, in a second colour, the route of the walk and places of interest, such as plantings, statuary and architectural features. At the back of the book are synopses of 20 parks and gardens associated with those described in the main entries. In addition, there are lists of opening times of museums, houses and gardens.

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