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Buckingham PalaceBuckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of Britain's sovereigns since 1837. It evolved from a town house that was owned from the beginning of the eighteenth century by the Dukes of Buckingham. Today it is The Queen's official residence. Although in use for the many official events and receptions held by The Queen, areas of Buckingham Palace are opened to visitors on a regular basis.

Social World of Early Modern WestminsterThe Social World of Early Modern Westminster: Abby, Court and Community, 1525 - 1640 (Politics, Culture & Society in Early Modern Britain S.) Early modern Westminster is familiar as the location of the royal court at Whitehall, parliament, the law courts and the emerging West End. This book is the first study to provide an integrated picture of the town during this crucial period in its history. It reveals the increasingly difficult relations between the diverse groups of people who constituted local society, the court, the aristocracy, the Abbey, the middling sort, and the poor, and the competing visions of Westminster's identity which their presence engendered. It looks at the impact of the Reformation and the building of Whitehall Palace; the problem of poverty and the politics of communal responsibility; the character and significance of an increasing gentry presence; the problematic role of the post-Reformation Abbey; the nature and ideology of local governing elites; the changing religious culture of the area; the struggles over the emerging townscape; and the impact of the personal rule of Charles I. A comprehensive study, this book covers the entire period from the Reformation to the Civil War. It will make fascinating reading for historians of English society, literature and religion in this period, as well as enthusiasts of London's rich history.

Royal WestminsterA Stroll Back in Time: Royal Westminster (Stroll Back in Time S.) Audio Guided Tour on a circular route from Westminster Bridge taking the visitor round the streets of London's Royal Westminster with dramatisations, sound effects and music bringing characters and events alive. A central character guides, narrates and introduces the vivid portrayals of fascinating historic events where they actually took place.

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