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Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson


A sickly and imaginative only child, Lewis (later Louis) turned off the family career path of engineering to study law, but writing was always his first love. Travels abroad to escape the Edinburgh cold gave him material for his writing, and it was on a trip to France that he met his future wife, an American divorc6e with two young children. Almost all of Stevenson’s most famous work was written after his marriage: Treasure Island was written in 1882 for Lloyd, his stepson. Kidnapped and Catriona followed, but it was The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, which explored the duality of good and evil present in all his works, that shot him to fame in 1886. With his family and mother he eventually left Scotland for good, ultimately settling on Samoa in the South Seas. He was writing Weir of Hermiston at the time of his death; unfinished, it remains his masterpiece.