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Marion Angus -
(1866-1946) - Poet

She was born in Aberdeen but spent her childhood in
Arbroath, where her father was a minister. Most of her adult life was spent in Aberdeen but she also lived in Helensburgh and Edinburgh and was an early member of Scottish PEN. She died on 18 August 1946 in Arbroath. Most of Marion Angus's poetry was influenced by traditional ballad material, and her best work is in Scots, especially in poems dealing with  unrequited love such as Mary's Song and Think Lang. Her best-known poem is the often  antholologized Alas, Poor Queen, a lament for Mary, Queen of Scots. Her Selected Poems. (1950) were edited by Maurice Lindsay. Works: The Lilt and Other Poems (1922); The Tinker's Road(1924); Sun and Candlelight (1927); The Singin' Lass (1929); The Turn of the Day (1931); Lost Country (1937); M. Lindsay, ed.. Selected Poems (1950)

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