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Marjory Fleming (1803 -1811) - Child Author

She was born on 15 January 1803 in Kirkcaldy,
Fife, Scotland. Through her mother's family she was distantly related to Sir Walter Scott and after her death from meningitis on 19th December 1811, Dr John Brown, who christened her Pet Marjorie, and others nurtured the legend that the child author and Scott were intimate friends. Although it is possible that the two might have met during Marjory's stay with relatives in Edinburgh, neither mentions the other in their journals, it is to her three-volume diary that Marjory Fleming owes her
place in history. During the last 18 months of her life she kept a journal of events, which also includes a number of poems; the childish simplicity of her writing ensured the success of the work when it was published in 1858.

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