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Everest PioneerEverest Pioneer: The Photographs of Captain John Noel Capturing the drama and tragedy of the 1922 and 1924 expeditions on Everest the first to venture upon the highest mountain on earth this works features the best of the pictures of Captain John Noel, official photographer to the expeditions. John Noel was a 29-year-old Army officer when, during the presentation of a paper to the RGS, he first suggested that an expedition should be made to climb Everest. He knew Tibet well and was therefore invited on the first Everest Reconnaisance Expedition in 1922 by Francis Younghusband, its leader. His 1922 film, taken with his cine camera, was such a public success that he was invited to return to Everest in 1924. His photographs capture the dramatic beauty of the region and the expedition's travel through the Everest plains, up the north-east ridge, and Mallory and Irvine's final assault on the summit, never to return. Never before had westerners seen the country behind the barriers of the Himalayasm, and Noel's pictures also record a Tibet in the 1920s, before China invaded and when the region remained almost medieval in character. In his later years, Noel became a phenomenally successful lecturer on mountaineering. Mountain Photography.

The High Mountains of the AlpsThe High Mountains of the Alps This book comes in a large format filled with beautiful images of the 4000 meter peaks of The Alps. The material is logically divided into geographical regions and each peak is described in a separate section covering location, history and main routes. However, this book is not a climbing guide and even though the routes are listed with climbing grades there are no route finding details. Instead this book, being a photo book more than anything else, will really excite your dreams when at home planning you next alpine climb.

Mountain PhotographyKilimanjaro: The Great White Mountain Nothing in Africa is as majestic and awe-inspiring as Kilimanjaro. This fabled mountain - Africa's tallest - which lies astride the Kenya-Tanzania border rises more than 19,000 feet, into a clear blue equatorial sky, its crown of snow and ice ever beckoning and alluring. A source of mystery from time immemorial, Kilimanjaro is the subject of many fables and legends and home to the Chagga and Maasai people, two of Africa's most colourful and fascinating communities, the one an industrious agricultural Bantu group, the other a Nilotic tribe of fierce and noble warriors and pastoralists. Their engrossing history and the captivating beauty of Kilimanjaro and its natural history are portrayed here in all their glory through the magnificent colour photography of David Pluth and Mohamed Amin while Graham Mercer's compelling and often lyrical narrative delves into the many secrets of The Great White Mountain, a spectacle that has attracted and fascinated diverse peoples down through the ages. Mountain Photography.

Classic Mountain PhotographsHigh Rocks and Ice: The Classic Mountain Photographs of Bob and Ira Spring Through stunning black and white photographs and personal accounts, this beautiful book chronicles the Spring brothers' life work and along with it the history of mountain climbing in the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. While other photographers were recording expeditions to distant destinations, Bob and Ira were pioneers in photographing the remarkable climbers and stunning peaks of the Northwest. Areas covered include Mount Olympus, Mount Rainier, Tatoosh Range, Paradise Ice Caves, Sentinel Peak, White Rock Lake, Cowlitz Glacier, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Glacier Peak Wilderness, and Mount Eldorado. Mountain Photography.

Mountains from SpaceMountains from Space: Peaks and Ranges of the Seven Continents The mountains have always been very special regions - the scenes of myths and the seats of the gods, spaces to retreat to and strategic bulwarks, but also places of natural and cultural diversity and multivarious living conditions over small areas. This book takes a completely new and unique look at the world's mountains. It brings together pictures that have been produced by computer on the basis of a new type of unusually precise satellite measurements and provides views never seen before. It was not until the year 2000 that the earth's surface was first surveyed systematically and completely by satellite radar on the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. This made it possible to show every area with hitherto unknown precision and to produce views in perspective, which in reality are not possible for practical reasons n as if one were flying at a great height and seeing an infinite distance unhampered by clouds, haze and the refraction of light.

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