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Light On EarthLight on the Earth You won't find a much better collection of nature photographs, the best from 20 years of the prestigious international Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, representing most of the world's top photographers. There are more than 170 photographs in this lavish, large-format book, covering all natural subjects, with an emphasis on beauty, colour and form as well as unforgettable scenes of both animal behaviour and landscape, grouped in the following chapters: illuminations, portraits, moments, formations, reflections and connections. Each picture is accompanied by a memorable and informative caption, and each chapter has an introduction by a famous photographer or personality, from Yann Arthus-Bertrand to Frans Lanting and Chris Packham. An index of photographic details will be also be provided. Nature Photography.

UndergrowthLife in the Undergrowth David Attenborough reveals a secret universe it is teeming with life and is all around us, yet we never see it. It is the world of the very small, and it is a world of sex, drugs and violence. Here David shows us not just bugs, beetles and creepy-crawlies, but scorpions and centipedes, mites and mantids, spiders and dragonflies. And not just life in the undergrowth, but the dramatic battles between predator and prey that are happening in the corner of your living room and in your larder. See magnificent spectacles: swarming antler moths; millions of desert locusts; a mountain of locusts. For every pound of humans on Earth, there are 300 pounds of insects. Nature Photography.

Water Light TimeWater Light Time Beneath the world's waters lie landscapes, species, vegetations and populations as diverse as those on land, yet these kingdoms have been explored by few. This book looks at the work of David Doubilet, artist, diver, and underwater photographer. From the shores of the Galapogos to the Red sea, from the Pacific ocean to the fresh waters of North America, the book includes over 25 years of the photographer's work, and reveals the beauty of more than 30 bodies of water rich with life forms. Nature Photography.

Wildlife Photographer of the YearWildlife Photographer of the Year: Portfolio 15 The fifteenth portfolio from the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is a collectable book for wildlife enthusiasts and fans of world-class photography alike. This new collection of stunning wildlife photographs represents the best images taken by top nature photographers around the world that have been submitted to the 2005 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. This lavish book features 90-100 unforgettable, beautiful images of nature, of everything from animal behaviour and portraits, to underwater scenes, landscapes and abstract compositions. Selected from more than 18,000 entries representing photographers from at least 50 countries, these winning and commended images are a commemorative collection from the world's largest and most prestigious wildlife photography competition. Each is accompanied by an informative and memorable caption, which includes photographic details. Nature Photography.

AntarcticaAntarctica: The Blue Continent This is the story of Antarctica, the last great wilderness on earth. Isolated by ice, wind and the wild seas of the Southern Ocean, it is the world's most pristine environment, a region of spectacular natural beauty that is home, despite extreme weather conditions, to an astonishing diversity of wildlife. Written by polar experts and packed with maps and photographs, Antarctica journeys through the continent's landscape, ecology and history. It introduces the penguins, whales, seals and many other species that have perfected techniques of survival here, and explains the threat that global warming poses to their unique habitats. It also celebrates human endurance in a harsh environment, from the contemporary scientists snowed into their research stations to the heroic but often tragic explorers of the past, such as Amundsen, who reached the Pole in 1911, Scott, who perished in the attempt, and Shackleton, who survived months on the ice without suitable clothing or equipment. For travellers to Antarctica and for those who will never reach this most inaccessible of continents, hundreds of photographs capture a entrancing landscape of peaks, glaciers, icebergs and wind-carved snow sculptures, as well as penguin colonies, seal wallows and the historical sites that have been literally frozen in time.

Through the Lens: "National Geographic" Greatest Photographs Through the Lens is a stunning collection of photos judiciously apportioned to represent the regions of the earth, the sea and outer space; humans and nature; and even the history of the medium, a few historic black and whites contrast dramatically with the eye-popping modern colour shots that dominate the book.

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