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Night Photography ManualNight Photography: A Practical Manual Comprehensive night photography manual, illustrated throughout with the authors high quality images. Night photography has long been considered a 'no-go area' fraught with intractable problems, a field which only the specialist or foolhardy would venture into. Now, with the help of this comprehensive and authoritative manual, photographers can embark with confidence on projects involving night-time images. Night Photography.

Digital Night and Low Light PhotographyDigital Night and Low Light Photography Taking successful night and low-light photographs has always presented a technical challenge. How do you capture enough light to secure a great picture? How do you judge and control lengthy timed exposures? How and when do you use additional lighting? Here is an area of photography that demands the utmost from the camera, and draws on all the skills of the photographer. Yet its very difficulty is one reason why it is so popular. A further reason is simply that it results in stunning images: sunrises and sunsets, the night sky, dramatically lit cityscapes, firework displays, and more. Digital Night and Low-Light Photography is an in-depth guide to the techniques a photographer needs to know to guarantee great pictures in challenging lighting. In addition, the book explores the differences in the way film and digital cameras perform in low light, and reveals how the new features built in to many digital cameras can make a difference, in-camera image previewing, white-balance correction, and ISO adjustments. And it shows how digital-imaging techniques can be used to rescue a disaster, or perhaps create a masterpiece.

How to Take Great Photographs at NightHow to Take Great Photographs at Night: Carefully Structured Assignments to Help Improve Your Technique Photographing at night is an exciting challenge. All the normal rules of daylight photography are broken and the extreme contrasts in light levels allow you to create dramatic and evocative images. Night and Low-Light Photography Course is a comprehensive guide to night photography covering all the ascetic and technical aspects of using conventional and digital cameras. The book is more than a standard photography manual - it is also a valuable teaching tool, working on the premise that it is only by putting the theory into practice that you can really learn the necessary techniques of night photography. The special assignments spread through each chapter are a key feature of the book. Each assignment is carefully designed so that both the practical and aesthetic aspects of low-light photography are taught, and detailed advice is given on how to assess the results and learn from them. Night Photography.

Berlin PhotographyBerlin: The Colours of the Night Thanks to the vision of photographer Leo Seidel, Berlin at night has been transformed into a shimmering light show in this book. Here seventy images of well, and lesser-known sights capture the surprising mystique of the nocturnal city: the cold neon of billboards and construction sites, the warmth of illuminated windows and street lamps; the glowing light of dusk as it merges buildings and sky. Because most of these photographs are taken over long exposures and the depopulated landscapes take on the haunting quality of a movie set. The transcendent beauty of Berlin, as seen through the lens of this gifted young artist, comes through in this stunning book. Night Photography.

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