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Ocean PhotographyShetland: Land of the Ocean Shetland: land of the Ocean considers Scotland's northernmost isles in an entrancing light, as seen by a landscape photographer of outstanding originality and a provocative writer with a poet's instincts. Ocean Photography.

Water Light TimeWater Light Time Beneath the world's waters lie landscapes, species, vegetations and populations as diverse as those on land, yet these kingdoms have been explored by few. This book looks at the work of David Doubilet, artist, diver, and underwater photographer. From the shores of the Galapogos to the Red sea, from the Pacific ocean to the fresh waters of North America, the book includes over 25 years of the photographer's work, and reveals the beauty of more than 30 bodies of water rich with life forms. Ocean Photography.

An Ocean OdysseyAn Ocean Odyssey Presenting underwater photography, this is a journey into the deep to meet some of the most beautiful marine creatures on the planet. This collection of photographs captures interesting underwater moments such as: encounters with seal pups; pilot fish using a turtle to protect themselves from predators; and trevally fish "adopting" a whale shark.

Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef (National Geographic Insight) The Great Barrier Reef stretches for more than 1,250 miles in a graceful crescent along Australia's northeast coast. Doubilet has dived along its length from north to south and has, over time, made a rare photographic portrait of its beauty and complex web of life. The book is richly illustrated with more than 135 photographs. Ocean Photography.

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