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Old Parish Church, Blackford, Scotland

James Anderson Gravestone Blackford Scotland

Skull And Crossbones Gravestone Blackford Scotland

Old Parish Church Gate Blackford Scotland

Celtic Cross Blackford Scotland

Ministers Gravestones Blackford Scotland

Old Parish Church, Blackford, Scotland

Old Parish Church Blackford Scotland

The Parish of Blackford was formerly the Parish of Strageath founded by St Fergus in the eighth century. The Church at Blackford on the hill was founded at the time of the Reformation and it’s first minister Alex Gall was inducted in 1574. The Parish name was changed to Blackford in 1617 by an Act of Parliament. The church on the hill was burned in the middle of the 18th century and rebuilt but in 1858 it was no longer big enough and the present church was built in its place opening in 1859. The bell from the church on the hill is preserved in the present church and probably originally came from Strageath as the inscription on it is pre Reformation.


Old Parish Churchyard Blackford Scotland

Old Parish Churchyard, Blackford, Scotland.

Entrance Old Parish Church Blackford Scotland

Entrance Old Parish Church, Blackford, Scotland.

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