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The Old Parliament St Kilda Scotland

Three Generations on St Kilda


St Kilda Street Scotland

Old Photograph of St Kilda Post Office Scotland

St Kilda Women Scotland

St Kilda PhotographySt Kilda and the Wider World: Tales of an Iconic Island St Kilda, now a World Heritage Site and once home to the most remote community in Britain, has long been seen as a place of tragedy. Sepia images of intrepid seabird hunters and the abandoned village street have been used to evoke a heroic, ultimately doomed 'struggle for existence'on the edge of the Atlantic.

Story of St.KildaIsland on the Edge of the World: Story of St.Kilda (Canongate Classics S.) A part of Britain but a world apart, St Kilda society existed almost completely isolated from the mainstream of civilization for more than 1000 years. Increased contact with the mainland during the 19th century brought about the downfall of what many once regarded as an ideal society.

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