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Orkney Islands PhotographyOrkney From the majestic soaring cliffs of Hoy to the intimacy of the Italian chapel at Lamb Holm, Orkney is a place of surprising and varied contrast. Witness to events of huge significance in the story of Scotland and Scandinavia, its venerable history stretches back to Viking times and a vigorous Celtic Church, before fading into an enticing world of myth and legend. In this book, acclaimed photographer Gunnie Moberg presents over a hundred views of Orkney that capture both the awesome natural beauty of the place and its remarkably rich heritage of buildings and monuments. All of them capture the islands' unique magical atmosphere, which still resonates today with the deeds of saints and warriors, fishermen and farmers.

Orkney Pictures and Poems In this title, a writer who is deeply rooted in the island of Orkney and his friend, a photographer who has lived amongst these islands for 20 years have brought their work together to create a personal evocation of the people and their way of life.

The Orkney BookThe Orkney Book Consisting of 67 islands, the Orkneys lie to the north of the Scottish mainland. This work gives an overview of their history. Starting with the prehistoric period, it goes on to discuss the flowering of the Celtic Church in the sixth and seventh centuries and the subsequent invasion by the vikings.

Orkney GuideOrkney (Exploring Scotland's Heritage S.) Orkney is a paradise for those interested in the past. The trail can be followed from World War II back through windmills, beautiful houses, formidable castles, Viking-age churches, iron-age brochs, to the well-preserved houses and tombs of people who lived more than 5,000 years ago.

Souvenir Postcards from Orkney: Orkney in Picture Postcards This is a sequel to Norman Hudson's Souvenir Postcards from Shetland and contains 200 postcards from Orkney, featuring photographs taken over the last hundred years. In his introduction, the author gives a brief history of picture postcards and the photographers who have captured Orkney's unique way of life. Covering most of the islands, the living from the sea and the croft work, it is a pictorial study of Orkney's social and economic life, area by area. Orkney Photography.

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