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Orkney Islands

Lines on the Landscape
Lines on the Landscape, Circles from the...the Sky: Monuments of Neolithic Orkney

The Orkney Book

Walks in Orkney (Clan Walk Guides S.)

Northern Scotland Map
Northern Scotland, Orkney and Shetland...


Orkney and Shetland Tourist Map
Orkney and Shetland (Official Tourist... Map

Orkney & Shetland Leisure Map

Orkney Southern Isles
Orkney - Southern Isles (Landranger Maps)

Orkney and Shetland Steamers
Orkney and Shetland Steamers

Neolithnic Orkney
Neolithnic Orkney in Its European...

An Orkney Feast
An Orkney Feast: A Collection of Orkney...

St.Magnus Festival
St.Magnus Festival: A Celebration

The Norn Language of Orkney and Shetland
The Norn Language of Orkney and Shetland

Orkney and Shetland Geology
Orkney and Shetland (British Regional... Geology)

Images in Time
Images in Time: v. 2

Images in Time
Images in Time: Orkney Life Through the... v.1

Low's History of Orkney

Orkney Islands

Orkney Exploring Scotland's Heritage

Orkney (Exploring Scotland's Heritage) This work is part of the "Exploring Scotland's Heritage" series which provides an introduction to the archaeological heritage of Scotland. This volume looks at the archaeological heritage of Orkney.

Orkneyinga Saga: The History of the... Earls of Orkney. Written around AD 1200 by an unnamed Icelandic author, the Orkneyinga Saga is an intriguing fusion of myth, legend and history. The only medieval chronicle to have Orkney as the central place of action, it tells of an era when the islands were still part of the Viking world, beginning with their conquest by the kings of Norway in the ninth century. The saga describes the subsequent history of the Earldom of Orkney and the adventures of great Norsemen such as Sigurd the Powerful, St Magnus the Martyr and Hrolf, the conqueror of Normandy. Savagely powerful and poetic, this is a fascinating depiction of an age of brutal battles, murder, sorcery and bitter family feuds.

Orkney Island Guide

Orkney (Pevensey Island Guides) Remote, romantic and often mysterious, the islands off the coast of Scotland hold a strong fascination for thousands of visitors each year. Focusing on Orkney, this title is one of a series of illustrated guidebooks providing information on heritage, landscape, climate, flora and fauna.

The New History of Orkney

The New History of Orkney A fully-revised new edition of the major modern history of Orkney. This major modern history of Orkney is now in a fully-revised new edition. The story of the islands is an enthralling one. Surviving monuments testify to a busy prehistoric period; the Vikings raided and traded over centuries; the great Earldom of the Orkneyinga Saga was established in the Middle Ages; and during two world wars Orkney was crucial to naval strategy.

The Islands of Orkney

The Islands of Orkney Colin Baxter Photography.

Orkney: A Historical Guide (Birlinn... Historical Guides) The Orkney Islands lie 20 miles north of mainland Scotland and were first given to the country as compensation for non-payment of a queen's dowry in 1472. This guide presents a chronological history of the islands from prehistoric times to the industrial age.

Orkney Nature

Orkney Nature The Orkneys have been strangely neglected by naturalists when compared to Shetland or western Scotland, although they have long been a place of pilgrimage for archaeologists and historians. This book is an antidote to the neglect, making available the islands' animals, plants, and scenic history to casual readers as well as to specialists. The Orkney Islands are a special place, both in terms of their natural history and human inhabitants. Their rich coastal habitats lost significant seabird colonies and marine communities. Their northerly position provides a major land fall for migratory birds. In human terms, traditional lifestyles of fishing and crafting vie with modern industries, such as oil, leading to conflicts of both human and wildlife conservation dimensions. This book paints a broad picture of the natural and manmade environments.

The Scots Fiddle: Tunes, Tales and... Traditions of the Western Highlands, Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland v. 3.

Scotland's Northern Lights

Scotland's Northern Lights: Lighthouses... of the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Some of Scotland's and the world's most spectacular lighthouses are located in the Northern Isles. This books discusses all 21 major lighthouses in the area most of which were built by the famous Stevenson family of lighthouses. The first and last Stevenson-engineered lighthouses are among them.

The Northern Isles Orkney and Shetland

The Northern Isles: Orkney and Shetland This volume is designed as a contribution to European ethnology. The Northern Isles, Orkney and Shetland, were and are a crossroad of North-Atlantic Europe, and that is the context in which they are placed in this book. The common factors and differences between Orkney and Shetland are charted against the competing influences of Scandinavia and Scotland.

Scottish Islands Orkney and Shetland

Scottish Islands: Orkney and Shetland... This is a detailed guide for all visitors to the magical islands of Orkney and Shetland with their stunning coastal scenery, unique flora and fauna and rich archaeological heritage. This revised and updated edition is packed with up-to-date information, tips and advice.

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