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Patrick Abercromby - (1656-1716) Historian

He was born in 1656 in Forfar, the third son of Alexander Abercromby of Fetternair in Aberdeenshire. He was educated at the Universities of St Andrews and Paris and practised as a doctor in Edinburgh, before being appointed physician to James II, a post he held until the Revolution of 1688. He lived in Europe for some years before returning to Scotland during the reign of Queen Anne, when he became an opponent of the pro-Union party.  He died in poverty, probably in 1716. In 1707 Abercromby published his translation of Beaugue's L'histoire de la Guerre d'Ecosse 1556 as The History of the Compagnes 1548 and 1549; being an exact account of the martial expedition performed in those days by the Scots and French on the one hand, and the English and their foreign auxiliaries on the other; done in French by Mons. Beaugue, a French gentleman; with an introductory preface by the Translator. The work stresses the importance of the Auld Alliance and is an account of the French soldiers who fought against the Protector Somerset; it was reprinted by the Bannatyne Club in 1823. Abercromby is best remembered for his two-volume The Martial Achievements of the Scots Nation; being an account of the lives, characters and memorable actions of such Scotsmen as have signalized themselves by the sword at home and abroad; and a survey of the military transactions wherein Scotland or Scotsmen have been remarkably concerned, from the first establishment of the Scots monarchy to the present Time (1711-15) which was printed by Thomas Ruddiman.

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