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Dunkeld Sphereing

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Perthshire Sphereing

"Definitely the most fun I've had fully clothed "

Why do it ?

Sphere Mania has only just come to Scotland and is only available through Nae Limits.

This is the very experience you have all been waiting for. The 12ft sphere is fitted with 2 harnesses so that you can experience this thrill of a lifetime with a friend. Climb inside the chamber and hold your breath as you tumble at great speed down the glorious Perthshire hillside! Two rolls and you'll be addicted - described by one participant as "truly the best thing I have ever done", Sphereing has to be experienced to be believed.

When can I do it?

Sphereing runs from March to October and makes an ideal add on to one of our other activities. It is also a great spectator sport - what could be more enjoyable than watching someone speed down a hill in a 12ft ball!

Anything else I should know?

Sphering is a great family activity - no previous experience is required however this activity is not suitable for anyone who suffers from epilepsy or blackouts.


From £35pp

Nae Limits, 14 The Cross, Dunkeld,
Perthshire, Scotland
Tel: 01350 727242

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