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How to Make Money with Digital PhotographyHow to Make Money with Digital Photography Taking good photographs is a rewarding experience. But if you're looking for the greater satisfaction, and the extra cash, that comes from being paid for your work...this book is for you. Here, the author defines the possibilities, debunks common misconceptions, compares different business models, examines different kinds of equipment, explains image management, deals with legal issues, provides ideas for establishing an online presence and identifying buyers for your product. Want to turn your photographs into a business? Today's affordable digital technology makes it easier than ever before. This book will appeal to photographers already in the digital photography business as well as those simply considering taking the leap, and also offers a comprehensive analytical look at all aspects of the digital photography business.

Starting Your Career as a Freelance PhotographerStarting Your Career as a Freelance Photographer This start-up kit offers counsel to budding freelance photographers wanting to earn money with their photography. This book provides the reader with marketing, business, and legal know how, from first portfolio and first client, to running a profitable, healthy business. In-depth information about favourable locations, the various markets and sub-markets of photography, photographer client interaction, marketing methods and payment strategies helps the reader to make informed strategic decisions. On the administrative side, this book explains how to keep track of business records, tend to health and safety issues and manage tax and insurance matters effectively. It also gives the answers to such questions as: School or apprenticeship? How much of my earnings can I spend on new equipment? Who can help me with the paperwork? Which market is best for me? This book also contains insights on the role of professional organizations and advisors, sample contracts and release forms. Photographers seeking to make the leap into freelance photography and those who have just started on this road should benefit from the authoritative advice offered by this book.

Building Your Photography BusinessPhotographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business: Everything You Need to Know to Run a Successful Photography Business Displaying the same wit and charm that made her Creative Techniques for Photographing Children a commercial success, Vik Orenstein shoots straight with photographers on what it takes to build a successful photo business. She combines big-picture thinking with a soft touch to deliver sound, practical advice on such core topics as developing a marketing plan, building a clientele, networking and maintaining creative fulfillment. This guide is a major asset for amateurs seeking a friendly overview of the business; established photographers delving into a new niche; freelancers interested in selling stock; photographers starting their own studio. At 320 pages, the book's similtaneous deep and broad treatment makes it an excellent companion to the business focused introduction found in Photographer's Market. Vik also covers such important specialities as wedding, commercial and nature photography in individual chapters and frequently complements her own advice with that of industry experts. Photography Business.

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