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France from the Air
France from the Air

Cistercian Abbeys of France
Architecture of Silence: Cistercian Abbeys of France

Paris in Detail
Atget: Paris in Detail

Cotes Darmor
Cotes D'Armor

Provence: Art, Architecture and Landscapes

Paris Photography

Lighthouses of France
Lighthouses of France: The Monuments and Their Keepers


France Photography

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The SommeThe Somme This is the unseen and untold story of the Somme, showing in newly released panoramas how the Allied high command miscalculated the opening move, and the extraordinary untold story of the unused saps. The Battle of the Somme began with men striding across hundreds of metres of no-man's land into a hail of machine gun fire. The unseen panoramas in this book record the full extent of machine gun emplacements in the German lines - guns optimistically meant to have been taken out by an earlier creeping barrage of artillery fire. Taken at huge personal risk by specialist photographers, each panorama reveals remarkable views of up to 160 degrees. Plus, told here in full for the first time, the extraordinary story of the unused saps - over 10,000 feet of tunnels all leading up to just 25m from the German front lines. A combination of excessive secrecy and overconfidence led to their never being used despite years spent in their construction. They would have changed the initial course of the battle. It also includes: unpublished testimony from all the different battalions who served on the Somme; eye-opening German panoramas from German archives; stunning mapping throughout, with equivalent aerial photographs set alongside; and special feature spreads interpreting single panoramas with leader lines and thumbnail pics.

Villages of the DordogneThe Most Beautiful Villages of the Dordogne (World Design S.) The Dorodogne offers splendid scenery, exquisite food and wine, the finest examples of prehistoric art and some of the most enchanting villages of France. This guide offers a journey through the region, from northern gems such as Brantome to grand villages such as Hautefort, found further south among the hills and limestone valleys. Gastronomy and prehistory distinguish the villages of the two southern-most areas, from the white wine of Monbazillac to the prehistoric cave paintings of Les Eyzies, while the ancient fortified towns of Montfort and Montpazier recall the struggles of the Middle Ages. France Photography.

Villages of BrittanyThe Most Beautiful Villages of Brittany (The Most Beautiful Villages) A visual and verbal account of 31 villages and islands in one of Europe's most popular tourist spots. The villages are drawn from the four departments of modern-day Brittany: Finistere, Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine and Cotes-d'Armor. Brittany is very distinct from the rest of France. It is a place of dramatic contrasts, a jagged coastline, fertile plains and wild moorland. Its people and culture are Celtic; legend has it that King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table gathered in the Forest of Paimpont, and that Merlin is buried close by. Centuries of religious piety are enshrined in Breton architecture. Brittany's vigorous and varied village life and architecture are captured here in James Bentley's commentaries and Hugh Palmer's evocative photographs. France Photography.

Provence PhotographyProvence: 500 Photos Anyone who has visited Provence knows that it is more than just a place of spectacular beauty, it is also a way of life. These 500 photos include all things distinctly Provencal, from piled-up spices, dried lavender, cheeses, and olive oil at an outdoor market, to vineyards, poppy fields, and festive printed fabrics, this book brings home the unmistakable flavor of a beloved destination. Attracting travelers from across the globe, Provence offers the visitor peace and tranquility in the striking beauty of landscapes ablaze with color: from ocher hills and lavender fields, to stark cliffs and swaying olive trees. Gerard Sioen, an internationally recognized photographer and himself an inhabitant of Provence, takes the reader on a personal photographic tour of Provence's most celebrated sights. He showcases the region's wealth of architectural styles, from contemporary villas to log cabins, and from village farmhouses to historical homes. Clusters of men try their luck at petanques on the village square, where a few hours earlier a soap maker was offering her wares at the outdoor market. Sioen plays hide-and-seek with the native mountain goats, sheep, and horses, and immortalizes an apricot sunset above a terracotta hilltop village. This stunning array of 500 photographs revels in all the charm of this magnificent and renowned travel destination. France Photography.

Through the Windows of ParisThrough the Windows of Paris: Fifty Unique Shops Shop windows and interiors are among the glories of Paris, as enticing as its museums but far less tiring to explore. This text sketches the history of shopping in Paris, evoking the special character of the city. It features 50 shops, chosen for their individuality and beauty of their displays.

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