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Pinkie House Musselburgh

Pinkie House Musselburgh

Pinkie House Musselburgh Scotland
Pinkie House, Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland.
Pinkie House, Musselburgh, East Lothian, Scotland,
18th century (19th century). - 40 Inch Canvas
Print (101cm) by Heritage-Images

The oldest part of Pinkie House is the massive central tower erected by the Abbots of Dunfermline, probably dating from the late fourteenth century. A hundred years later were added the rooms immediately to the north comprising approximately what is now the Housemaster's house. Around 1600 the building came by inheritance into the hands of Alexander Seton, King James VI's Chancellor. He was a man of considerable distinction and was held in such high esteem by the King that when, in 1603, the latter left for London to add the throne of England to that of Scotland he entrusted into Seton's charge at Pinkie his son, Charles, later to become King Charles I. It has always been assumed that Charles, during his three years' stay there, occupied what is still called 'the King's Room'. Loretto School.

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