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Be Still
(To help you spend 5 minutes in prayer)

Be quite still for a few moments and think about the fact
that you are with the God who created the whole world;
the beauty that surrounds you; and the peace of this

Think of the Cross and remember that you are with the
God who made you and loves you.

Now say this prayer, pausing at the end of each line:

Lord, surround me with your spirit;
Remove from my mind all distractions, inattention,
Open my eyes to see you, my ears to hear you.
Help me to be still in your presence.
And hear my prayers.
For Christ’s sake.

If you are conscious of some particular faults;
Remember that God is ready to forgive our sins and say:

Humbly and sorrowfully I long for your forgiveness;
For every weakening thought to which my mind has
For every thoughtless word spoken in the heat of the
For every failure of self-control,
For these things I just cannot forget........................
Lord, help me to know your forgiveness and acceptance.
Help me to let go of the past,
And live from now on for all that is good and right.

If there is something you wish to thank God for:
Remember that God wants to hear our thanks and say:

From the depths of my heart I give you my thanks
For all your goodness and kindness to me,
Especially for ........................
May I praise you,
Not only with my words but in my life
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

If you are in trouble or worried:
Remember the promise of Jesus, ‘I am with you always’
and say:

I am distressed, Lord, and in the depths of despair
Because of ...........................
When I cannot see the way to go, help me to trust in
When I cannot understand, help me to go on believing.
When all seems dark, let the light of faith shine in my

If you know someone who needs your prayers:
Remember that God listens and wants to use you as a
channel of his love, and say:

To your loving care, Father,
I commend all those who are dear to me
Especially .....................................
Be in every wounded heart, every troubled home,
With all who suffer pain and distress,
Giving the blessing of your peace
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

A prayer before you leave:

Lord let me walk with you and know your peace.
May my life speak of you,
and my whole being wait on you,
to hear your Word and do your will,
my Lord and my God.

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