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Always include your Scottish website address on business cards, stationery, brochures, print advertising and other literature. This is often overlooked. You'd be amazed how many Scottish business owners either forget to place their website address on their business cards or don't think doing so is all that important. Be sure when printing your Scottish company's promotional and marketing materials, to leave off the http:// part and include only the part.

Be sure to include your Scottish website address in any display or classified advertising that you purchase in local newspapers, regional magazines and more. View your Web site as an information adjunct to the ad, to capture the readers' attention with the ad, and then refer them to your Scottish Website where they can obtain more information and perhaps give you some business. Look carefully at small display or classified ads in the back of Scottish magazines. Sometimes these ads are more targeted, more effective, and less expensive than online advertising. Consider other traditional media to drive people to your Scottish website, such as direct mail, classified advertising, post cards, and so on.

Use your particular Scottish expertise to become an expert in your field and promote your Web site for free. Sign up for Yahoo Answers ( or Google Answers ( and answer questions asked by online visitors. You will have the opportunity to write your Scottish Website address in your profile. This is a great way to gain additional Internet exposure as well.

Ask visitors to bookmark your Scottish Website. It seems so simple, but make sure you ask visitors to bookmark your Web site. Use a text link or graphic on the homepage of your Scottish Website.

Write articles for use in newsletters and other Scottish Web sites. You can dramatically increase your Internet visibility when you write articles about your particular Scottish expertise, and then distribute them as free content for other article directories, e-mail newsletters and other related Web sites. At the bottom of each article written, request a link back to your Scottish Web site and a one-line description of what you have to offer. This is an effective viral marketing approach.

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