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Richard Haldane

Richard Haldane

Richard Haldane was born in Edinburgh in July, 1856. Educated at Edinburgh University and Gottingen University. He studied law in London was called to the bar in 1879. A Liberal, he was elected to represent the Scottish seat of East Lothian in the 1885 General Election. A supporter of the Boer War, he joined the government of Henry Campbell-Bannerman in 1905 as Secretary of State for War. While in office he created the General Staff (1906), the Territorial Army (1907).

In 1911 he was granted the title, Viscount Haldane. The following year Herbert Asquith appointed Haldane as his Lord Chancellor. Unfairly accused of being pro-German by the press during the First World War, Haldane left Asquith's coalition government in 1915.

A member of the Fabian Society, Haldane campaigned for the Labour Party in the 1923 General Election. In 1924 Haldane became Lord Chancellor in the Labour Government formed by Ramsay MacDonald. For the next four years he was also leader of the House of Lords. Richard Haldane died in 1928.