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Robert The Bruce Epitaph

The body of Robert Bruce was taken from Cardross to Dunfermline and laid in a grave in the middle of the choir of the abbey church. Above the king's body a French 'fair tomb' of white marble was erected with this epitaph:

Here lies the unconquered and blessed King Robert. Whosoever collects together the records of his warlike deeds, may recount what wars he prosecuted. He led the Kingdom of the Scots through uprightness to liberty; now he lives in the Citadel of Heaven.

At the Reformation, part of the buildings of Dunfermline Abbey were demolished and for centuries the site of Bruce's tomb was lost. Finally, when the site was being cleared in 1818 for the erection of the new abbey church, the tomb was rediscovered with Bruce's
skeleton, with severed breastbone showing where the heart had been extracted - wrapped in cloth of gold. The king was reburied and in 1889 the Earl of Elgin gifted a memorial brass to cover the grave, set in a base of Italian porphyry, with:

The tomb of Robert Bruce, King of Scots, fortunately discovered among the ruins in 1818, has been marked anew by this brass in the 560th year after his death.

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