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Russia Photography

Russia Four Seasons
Russia's Four Seasons: Landscapes and Images of Mother Russia

Russia: Beyond Utopia

Propaganda and Dreams
Propaganda and Dreams: Photographing the 1930s in the USSR and USA

Russia Photography

Russia PhotographyRussia (Countries of the World S.) To appreciate what Russia is and stands for we must succumb to its fascination with our heart and soul, as well as with our eyes. Seeing the serene beauty of its landscapes, churches, faces and age-old artworks is not enough: we need to feel their impact in the very depths of our being. The expression "Tsar of all the Russias" is not used inappropriately or for effect. There really are many different Russias. Or at least three: visual Russia, the tourist destination, which springs vividly from the pages of this book; lovable Russia, conveyed by the carefully chosen pictures in this book; and spiritual Russia, omnipresent in these pages where it waits to be revealed to responsive readers.

Odessa MemoriesOdessa Memories (A Samuel & Althea Stroum Book) Odessa, the city founded on the Black Sea by Catherine the Great in 1794, quickly became a thriving international crossroads. This virtual melting pot of Russia, the gateway to Russia from Constantinople, Athens, Venice, Marseilles, and Genoa, and the third largest metropolis in the country, rose to prominence as a European cultural capital and a vibrant center of Jewish culture. Odessa in its prime shared with St. Petersburg the distinction of being one of the few places in Russia where international ideas and commerce could flourish. In this album of pre-1917 Odessa, Nicolas Iljine has assembled a wealth of old postcards, rare photographs and illustrations from private archives, colourful posters and advertisements, and materials from the Russian National Library that have never before been published, to recapture a lost time in the life of one of the world's great romantic cities. Historian Patricia Herlihy's essay paints textured historical tableaux of Odessa's nightlife and resorts, its theaters and criminal underworld, its schools and industries, and, not least of all, the synagogues, philanthropic societies, and organizations for defense against pogroms that were such a large part of Jewish life in old Odessa. Her portrait brings to life the city as experienced by such luminaries as Isaac Babel, Sholem Aleichem, and Vladimir Jabotinski. Both a visual treat and a serious exploration of Odessa's rich history, culture, and social fabric, this book stands alone as a sumptuous homage to a storied city that has inspired affinity and curiosity all over the world.

Pictures from the End of the USSRSoviets: Pictures from the End of the USSRThis unparalleled collection of photographs documents the years surrounding the collapse of the Soviet Union. Through the camera lens Shepard Sherbell tells a story that language alone cannot. He captures in more than 200 black-and-white images the previously unseen reality of everyday life in the fifteen former Soviet republics. In these photographs, sometimes humorous, amazing, or troubling, but always enthralling, Sherbell offers an unprecedented view of people caught in the crucial moment of transition between communism and capitalism, repression and freedom, security and anarchy.

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